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1. Ar-Rahman (الرحمن) The All-Compassionate 2. Ar-Rahim (الرحيم) The All-Merciful

peace be upon you brothers and sisters

;;  Ramadan 14, 1445
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this is said Mirza from really and in today's talk I

wanted to look at what the Quran has to

say about ? interest or usury now the

Arabic word riba which is usually

translated as usury or interest just

means an addition over the principle sum


? it is irrelevant whether we call this

use your interest any sum that is

collected that is above the principal

sum is ? and that is forbidden in the


I know that people living in the west

Muslims living in the west have found

this loophole which is called Islamic

Banking and the way they usually these

schemes work is that the bank the

Islamic Bank buys the property the house

or the car

? at a at a price and then the person

who is in debt who who takes charge of

this asset

he is supposed to pay that money off but

the bank charges them more than the

asset value

and they create installment plans and

then the person has to pay them off

within 12 or 24 years or whatever

the term is that they have agreed on

this is a loophole ? in essential in

effect you're this is interest this is

the same thing because all you're doing

is that ? you're saying okay ? we're

gonna buy this house for 500 000 and

we're gonna sell it to you for

seven hundred thousand dollars and then

you give us installment this is nothing

different than charging interest because

you at the end the the lender at the end

? makes a profit off of the principal

sum they put in Fire and thousand and

they got 200 000 extra so that's ribeye

it's forbidden so you know it it's not

that difficult to catch this obviously

if you're looking for loopholes you'll

find loopholes ? for many injunctions

in the Quran and this is an example of a

loophole so coming back to what the

Quran has to say about interest or usury

is that any addition to the sum is ? is

is interest is is is rib eye it's

forbidden and ? that ?

I think the best way to go about this

would be to just go over the the quranic

the Arabic the definition of what this

word is the Arabic word riba and for

that we look at Lane's lexicon

? and here he describes this entry as

? the Arabic word riba means and access

and an addition

and addition over and above the

principal sum that is Lent or expanded

so this is from Lane's lexicon now let's

look in the quranic verses to see if we

can get some more details about this

practice and why it's forbidden so

let's look at ? chapter 3 verses 130 through 132.

oh you who hit warning consume not usury doubled and redoubled and B in prudent fear of God that you might be successful and be in prudent fear of the fire prepared for the false claimers of guidance and obey God and the messenger that you might obtain Mercy

there's also the excuse in the modern

man that interest or usually is

intrinsic to conducting a business if

you want to run an Enterprise then you

have to engage in getting a loan and ?

that you know you can't do business

without it and this is again rejected by

the Quran ? God has allowed commercial

transactions he has allowed trade ? but

he has forbidden ? he has forbidden

interest or usury we read in the Quran a

complete Revelation this is Brother

again's translation

chapter 2 verses 275 and 276.

those who consume usury will

not stand save as stance he whom the

Satan buffets with his touch for it is

that they say Commerce is about the same

as usury when God has made Commerce

lawful and forbidden usury and he to

whom came the admonishment from his Lord

and desisted he has what is past and his

cases with God but whoso returns those

are the companions of the fire therein

thereby eternally God eliminates usury

and increases charity and God loves not

every ingrate and sinner

you're gonna see in these horses the the

comparison between usury or thereby

interest and on the other hand charity

? giving men wealth

? especially men in need that's what

the word charity is so why why is there

a play between these two terms because

it's better to give money

? and hope for God's reward versus

engaging in these ? in this

exploitative practice of increasing your

wealth because God would eliminate ?

your usury and he will increase your


and also we find in the Quran the

instance that if the Believers do not

give up the practice of ? charging

interest then they are threatened with


this highlights the grave nature of the

sin because again this promotes an

exploitative system which we are

currently living in where the fiat

currency the dollar is ? is based off

of interest and this creates this whole

? inflation issue and ? literally this

system is designed to siphon the wealth

from the lower classes up to the higher


we read in chapter two verses 278-281

or Yahoo heat warning be in fruit and fear of God and give up what remains of usury if you be Believers and if you do not then be informed of war from God and His messenger but if you repent then to you are your principal sums doing no wrong you will not be wronged and if he be one in hardship then deferment until ease but that you forgive by way of Charity is better for you if you would know and be in prudent fear of a day wherein you will return to God then every soul will be paid in full for what it earned and they will not be wronged

now (?) just want to pull up the Arabic on

this because (?) wanted to go a little bit

in depth about ? you know how the Quran

uses this term


it says

warning or you or you who believe fear


and let go for forsake ? whatever

remains of river so whatever money you

spent that you have given loan to people

and you're expecting

? the money back with interest then ?

forego the interest okay in control

moment if you are believers okay

and if you do not know then be then the

announcement is that there will be a war

from God and His messenger but if you

repent then ? to you are your principal


? and so here we have wine toptum so if

you repent

then to you are your principal sums

so ? but against here has a note here

it says literally this means the heads

of your wealth because rose means head

as in as in the major part we want to

look at other translations here too

because this is a critical juncture so

we have here on we

have translations from Arbury sahih

International Khan and ? Library

translates this as ? yet if you repent

you shall have your principle wronging

and unronged sahih international

translates this but if you repent you

may have your principle thus you do no

wrong nor are you wronged and hilali and

Khan has here

but if you repent you shall have your

capital sums


it's clear what it's talking about the

river is in addition to a principle sum

so it's not about you know whether or

not you can take a little bit of money

off of the principle and you know you

forgo the rest or that you forego your

principle some no so if you don't if you

don't do wrong and you will not be wrong

so you have a right to the money that

you put in that you gave someone so you

should ask for your principal some but

do not ask of anything beyond that which

is the word ribba

but also there's the stipulation that if

that person who is in is in hardship the

debtor is in hardship then

you can defer that

or if you forget by way of Charity that

is better for you so

and then you know again there's there's

a play on this it says and be important

for you over there when you shall be

returned to God then every soul will be

paid in full for what it earned so they

will get their principal sums they will

not be wrong there as well

? you didn't do any wrong God will not

wrong you you will be paid in full for

what you have earned

so coming back to the ?

the Quran ? we have another set of

verses here this is chapter 30 verses 37 239

have they not considered the god expanse provision for whom he wills and he straightens and that approves for people who believe so give thou the relative is due and the needy and the Wayfarer that is best for those who desire the face of God and it is they who are the successful and what you give of usury that it might increase in the wealth of men there is no increase with God but what you give a purity Desiring the face of God it is they who receive recompense manifold so again if you are

giving your wealth so that you can

charge interest on that or money back

from that in addition to your principal

sum then you're hoping for your increase

in wealth but there is no increase with

God and

in the sense that

God will eliminate usury he will he will

make you either taste in this life

? poverty and degradation humiliation

or in the next life you will be adverted

to the fire but if you give off Purity

you give off charity and ? you give of

your wealth to purify yourself ? with

the intention of pleasing God Desiring

the face of God

? then you will get recompense manifold

you will get you will get more than you


now (?) understand that these voices are

directed primarily towards well really

towards the people who are ? loaning

money as in in this Society in this

today's day and age obviously ? the

only way you can get ? alone is through

a bank or a credit card company

the system won't allow you know just

individual men doing all that sort of

stuff but back in the day people did do

this but ? and (?) understand that the

bankers are going to hell and the

bankers are unbelievers and they're you

know they're working for the safe and (?)

understand all that so obviously it's

not going to have any effect on them

? but as Believers it would serve as

well to not enter into any loan

Arrangement which entails interest and

because it is precisely because men have

? accepted this exploitative system

this practice of usury that it has

gained popularity especially in the west

is also happening in Pakistan now

because wherever it is or demand rest

assured there will always be a supply so

if men stood up against the system in

this area will not we will not take a

loan with interest we will not we will

not repay interest we're not going to do

that then obviously the lender would

have to figure out some other way

and you wouldn't have this practice

furthermore it makes Financial sense to

not get into debt and especially a debt

which entails interest as it is very

difficult to get out of this hole once

you fall into it now (?) have seen

firsthand the disaster effects this has

had (?) have a lot of ? a lot of my

relatives who are Muslims have fallen

into this scam of ? you know student

loans and credit card loans and house

loans and car loans mortgages Etc and ?

you know they've been paying it off ever

since they've never made any progress

and they're just grinding day in and day

out and ? it's a very sad State of

Affair so it just makes prudent sense to

not fall into this ? this whole debt

scheme and ? you know just expand as

much as you can afford and but do spend

in charity if you spend in charity then

God will give you from his provision he

will make you financially secure

so you should spend in charity in good

and bad times and desire God's provision

and ask for his help and ? to give from

his bounty

and my advice to Believers to those who

have fallen into this trap is to get out

of it as early as possible and be

consistent in giving charity to the poor

this is the best course of action for a

man who believes in the last day and

expects God's help in this life and the


so that's it for now God willing until

next time peace and blessings be upon