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1. Ar-Rahman (الرحمن) The All-Compassionate 2. Ar-Rahim (الرحيم) The All-Merciful

so today this will be a bit of a

confronting topic but ? I'd like to

show you what the Quran says about

Mecca and the mainly the verses


Al ? but before that I just want to

show you what they tell you Mecca is

today and ? you

know that'll let it speak for

itself so you can see these people are

crowding to kiss the black stone or at

least touch it so that it can relieve

them of their sins it absorbs all the

sins they committed ? in their life and

they return they return from this place

without any sins okay so it's as easy as

that as long as you can afford the

ticket and the full package deal in the

five-star hotel in Saudi

Arabia then you can

actually be absolved of all your


without any need to repent because this


bypasses the active repentance needed

that's mentioned throughout the Quran

okay so you get an idea that you know

people have been tragically killed in

stampedes when the Hajj season is upon

us ? well it changes every year but

basically ? six days out of the month

of they allocate for the entire world

the entire Islamic world world to

basically overpopulate this small

area ? had there been any more Muslims

in the world at least double the amount

there is

today they have a very big space problem

when it comes to ? Mecca and where it



so that out of the way let's move on to

the verses of the

Quran so here's the first verse I wanted

to ? show you basically ? there's only

one place in the Quran that mentions

Mecca by name and


strangely they don't translate the

actual only attribute were given of

Mecca when it's mentioned by name in the

Quran so it says here he is the one who

withheld their hands about you or from

you and your hands from

them within

Mecca from after and he gave you victory

over them okay so

basically this word here is not within


is so the B is a prefix usually showing

a place button though is not within

button is belly or womb you can see it

right there the bellies my womb my

bellies womb womb womb wom so you get

the idea that it's usually a female

belly or womb and this is the only place

it's mentioned as within this is your

first clue that something is very wrong

when you can see the concordance on this

website the same word is not translated

at least similarly

across its Us in the

Quran what does a stomach or a belly or

a womb have to do with meca

well the womb of Mecca is mentioned by

name by your creator so you have to pay

attention to

that similarly we have Becca also

mentioned once in the Quan and here it's

a place like again you says you have the

? the prefix

like by

Babylon okay ? it says first

indeed first of a

house set up for

mankind surely the one

by for the worlds the guidance for the

worlds this is the word you want to pay



it doesn't mean set up this is the word

used for giving birth delivering a child

it means to deliver specifically


something as analogous as a child is

delivered from a mother's womb you can

see where this is going Becca and Mecca

have a mother and daughter relationship

this is glaringly apparent

so when you see this

word sorry she delivered her this is

Miriam Miriam's mother my Lord I have

delivered her okay this is not the word

for birthing because this


? this word is what Allah uses for the


okay so he delivered the Earth for the

creatures so Mecca is clearly called in


Quran the mother of cities now you

understand why it's called the mother of

cities or mother of the Cities the most

important ones in our history

we revealed it

blessed confirming which came before

it confirming which came between his

hands rather not before it that you may

warn this is assumed to be the prophet

Muhammad so that you may warn mother of


Cities there is nothing about this place

that gives any hint of that

connotation okay

but look it

continues mother of the cities and who

is around

it okay they translate this the cities

and those around it so all the cities

face somewhere around this city this

area the mother of cities this this land

okay let's look at the other mention of

this ch 42:7

and thus we have transmitted toward you

a Quran

Arabic that you may warn mother of the

cities and whoever is around

it okay again they refer to this as the

mother of cities Mecca they assume this

is Mecca right and those around it

clearly we've already shown that Mecca

is associated with wombs

a mother has a womb okay mother is the

one that's defined by the action of a

womb that

delivers Becca okay so Mecca and Becca

cannot be the same thing because a

person cannot deliver themselves just as

much as the mother of city does not

deliver itself

again ?

and these are the two mentions of ?

those around it

and let's go to this here this is the


verse ? chapter 2 verse 238 ? where is

it and thus we have created you a

community middle way but this word word

just means it's an

adjective to penetrate the center

average or

median most moderate in the in the

middle between




okay we'll have to get into at a later

date what Salat is ? once that work is


inshallah but what I want to show you is

this word is related to the center

to the middle and when you go just to

even Google

translate that's what you get middle

it's not middle way it's not

middle we made you a central or middle

Community midst medium waist notice this

too Naval isn't that what's on someone's

belly a naval or umbilical umbilical

chord which is the Latin word for Naval

I believe okay so this is something

you're in the midst in the middle

of everything this is what Allah is

saying to the

Believers we have made you a middle

? okay remember mother of cities and

those around it okay is going to be

important it's in the middle of those

cities what is this this place that we

call Mecca today in the middle

what is it really in the middle

of okay so when we go to ? here we're

shown that basically

? Wasa middle Center waste the golden

mean out M environment surrounding

sphere medium means all of this is

saying that this is in the middle the

Center okay it's not just in the middle

between like in one in one dimension

it's in two dimensions in three

dimensions and whatever beyond that in

the center of it okay because remember

it says right


penetrating the


okay arriving thereby in the center

collectively all


so this is what we are trying to analyze


Mecca even in other languages it refers

to inside something interior the word

Buton when you think about Buton what

does that remind you of in English belly

button why do we call a belly button is

it just a coincidence it happens to be

on a stomach but their bellies their

womb okay why is Mecca associated with

this why is it the mother of cities why

is the umah made as a middle or Central


right so let's look into

this have you ever heard of this concept

the naval of the world okay remember

everything goes around Mecca even to

this day you can

find you can find images okay ?

circumambulation of the Caba all

right so when you look at



okay this is around the

Kaa it's in the center of

everything okay in the center so when

you look at this and by the way the

reason I show this is to show that

whoever set up this Mecca we call Mecca

today they clearly know this information

which is why the black stone that people

kiss happens to look very similar to

female anatomy to put it bluntly okay

because they understand the feminine

association with the mother of cities

and how it delivered how basically we

have Becca was delivered the daughter

okay so when you look at ? the naval of

the earth what is this

this is a

stone this is a stone this is in a

Sophia this is a representation of this

concept it's old it's not a New Concept

we have the foundation stone okay I'm

not saying this is it but I'm trying to

show you that what we have in the world

today are people that hold this

knowledge secret that hold this place

secret we're not it's not we're not able

to to access this place anymore okay

place from which the creation of the

world began from which the world was

delivered from the mother of the Cities

okay in Buddhism you have the same thing

this one is around a tree okay this will

be a very interesting connection with

the tree as

well Babylon has the same altar the same

idea we have this idea everywhere this

axis Mundi okay the Cent of the worlds

you can look at this for

yourself the world tree the center of

the worlds the naval of the worlds why

is it called Naval of all things they

could have called it anything could have

called it the eye of the worlds ? the

heart of the worlds they call it a naval

okay a

Buton so we have this thing in in Norse

mythology whether you want to believe

this or not the Quran specific

specifically says to pay attention to

what people will call Legends of the

former peoples you can look it up in the

Quran yourself the disbelievers will say

these stories are just Legends of the

former peoples that's how the

disbelievers ACT what does midgard

mean a middle realm

okay guard means City in Slavic it would

be changed to gr like Stalin gr okay

means middle City Between Heaven where

ASR and Hell the Abode of human beings

between the gods a here they're not Gods

but and the dead Okay middle realm look

conceived to have a

child the Earth of this traditional

cosmology when you look at what this is

represented as oops

this is what we

see we see a tree from the center

emerging the roots of the tree in the

Underworld and these cities or these

Realms around it in an X Y and Z

axis okay it's in the center and the

middle as much as it can


? you could say that this is our Earth


but Mecca is on Earth so that would even

be more in the center of whatever our

Earth is okay the symbol of the universe

holds together the Realms isn't Allah

the lord of the

Realms of course he is it's mentioned in

the first chapter what do you think

those worlds are how do they connect

okay we're going to talk about the isra

inshallah soon and what that actually

means ? from the traditional standpoint

even okay let's look

further this is a word that is only used

for most people can agree that Al is in

Mecca okay this is a traditional

understanding now if we assume that to

be the case this word becomes very

important but there's one problem this

word does not mean Direction

the mean something else something very

specific which is why I'm going to show

you they didn't actually translate this

word when you look at the translation

okay let's go one by one each

verse indeed we see the Turning of your

face in the heaven okay we will surely

turn you to a you are pleased with so

turn your

face if you want to tell me that this is

basically corners of the today in Saudi

Arabia and that the corners are in the

center of some golden mean that has been

arbitrarily produced ? when we don't

even know what the full map of the earth

looks like let alone if it's even

accurate and you're telling me that the

corners of the Kaaba this Cube like

structure in Saudi Arabia is about

pointing to NorthEast Southwest and this

is why the shatra means it's clearly not

what it

means I'm going to show you just keep

this in mind they put this as

Direction and actually

here they don't even translate it way of

Allah disbelief and access to M I'm

going to show you I'm going to show you

here there's the second

incidence there are other words for

Direction this is not

Direction let's go

again this is another


and let's see 144 yeah this is the last

one it's used twice in these two


okay your fa

sometimes they put toward here which

is they don't even


Okay notice this sh is

related to basically the ultimate

argument against the ones who are

pressing from them what kind of argument

do you have that can convince people

when you look at things like


okay this isn't this is not convincing

to the world it's not convincing to

Muslims even if they're honest with

themselves look at what this word

means I would show you on another

website but that website is down

strangely of all times you

know and this is is what it means to


shra to split to have

Vision intersect Clift

asunder a is a bis

sector where is the bis sector here

where this is what the word

means this is basically used in

Arabic to refer to some something that

splits a

circle a diameter a radius a bis sector

that's a mathematical term okay just

keep that in mind here

again to divide to split to

have having parting oh but look at this

here it means

towards no way no way doesn't mean

towards okay

now you can tell that in this video this

is packed this is one of the most

crowded places on Earth every

year when Allah says very

clearly in several verses there is a

great fighting and

hindering okay this is the word

hindering hindering Turning Away

hindering averting averting hindering

all around the Quran to turn turn people

away from something

okay hindering from Allah's way and

kufur by

him and notice they know it means


access M and driving out its people from

it is a greater sin with Allah this FNA

is a greater sin than killing

okay let me ask you who is preventing

access to

today if you want to say that in 2022

2021 2020 the people were prevented from

access fine I'm inclined to agree with

you by the way the people that did that

Allah sees them as worse than murderers

all right but the problem is that now

it's open as long as you have the means

it's not prevented from

you okay this is talking to Muslims okay

they ask you is talking to Prophet



right notice this hindering

from is in present

tense I


okay who is hindering people why is this

relevant to us today if you can just

walk into Mecca as a

Muslim why is this relevant is this yet


happen correct me if I'm wrong but I

think this is in present tense this is

happening at the moment this

F How can there be mus have a covenant

with Allah and with his messenger except

the ones made a covenant near Masid

Haram where did that happen when did

that happen

you can't tell me this is just qur and

the stories of qur

because this is something that Allah is

drawing attention to several times okay

let's look at it again we left while

Allah has not made evident those who

strove from you and have not taken


Allah ? and his messenger and the


Believers and Allah is aware of what you

do it is not for the that they

maintain this this would this would this


imply as

well mid of Allah the mush are the ones

Allah is saying are maintaining the mass

of Allah today

okay so think about

that oh you who


indeed the polytheists are not clean do

not let them come

near you can say this is enacted today

but think about it with the verses I

just mentioned doesn't it appear to you

that they're already there wherever

Mecca is and I'm going to tell you where

it is eventually

inallah but basically where could this

be if you want to if you want to show

the family that runs Saudi Arabia's

Mecca today as being mus be my

guest but there's more to the

story those who dis those who

disbelieved and hindered from Allah's


and we have made it for


equal what does that mean it's made for

mankind this would you could conceivably

say gin kind as well because this book

is for gin as much as for humans I don't

see any Gins I mean you could say

they're all invisible fine but the fact

that the jins would have to go to Saudi

Arabia to fulfill their Muslim

obligations please try to think a bit

deeper think a bit deeper what this

could mean

okay hindering from Allah's way and


hindering okay yes if they did this in


past Allah is speaking about these

people in the the ones who disbelieved

their test is done so this is about our

history this is about our time right now

this is about our future

okay they are the ones who disbelieved

and hindered you oh now it's hindered


not not this

one that's present tense

when you go

here hindered


okay past tense from

what again how many times do you have to

see that M Haram

is kept from mankind mankind not just

Muslims mankind

and certainly Allah has

fulfilled his messenger's

Vision by the truth what is the

vision well you just have to go to this

this is will tell you everything about




okay you will surely enter


tense if Allah Wills

secure why is this in future tense if

you want to tell me that this is a

historic verse then you have a problem

because Allah's verses do not exist in time

time that's a bold statement think about

why Allah's versus if you believe in

this Quran they

apply present past future outside of

time it still applies you will surely





clearly these people are not waiting to


Al they're con they're have got it in

their minds they're entering it every

year or multiple times a year


now let's look at the last one here

exalted is the one took his

servant a

night from

Al to this is actually two


to which we have

blessed do you remember

this do you remember this verse


okay this is so interesting

because refers to something that's

around something surroundings

environment but meca refers to something

Central it's the opposite of the

surroundings okay and it's blessed

exactly like Becca

so I'm sorry to


okay this is the actual time from Mecca


Medina okay it's four

hours now you would say


Mecca Al is actually in Jerusalem Al

okay there are some people that say that

in Medina just want to show you that

that's 4 hours and 25 minutes

okay this takes 17 hours driving you can

fly there as well that would be much


okay it's not far for us in the modern

world yet Allah uses it as a

sign that he needs to have in in Hadith

of course some kind kind of a lightning

creature that moves very fast to get the

prophet Muhammad there

okay now we can talk about what Master

says another time

but if this took a night Allah is saying

this for a reason all

right and ?

clearly there's nothing astonishing

about you know Jerusalem

these are old photos of


okay the surroundings are blessed to

what extent

right when Allah says something is


okay that's not something to be

overlooked that's something beyond their

comprehension otherwise he would not

have stated something like

that I

mean you could say the same about Medina

what do we see from Medina that's

blessed okay and then you know the same

can be said here right I mean there's so

many problems the whole idea of

this the Grand Mosque all right just

keep that in mind keep this in mind as

well Journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and

up through the heavens and back by night


basically the story is that the prophet

Muhammad he went from masam in Mecca to

Masa in Jerusalem ascended the heavens

from there and then woke up in Mecca


okay we'll touch on that another

time this word

mik this is where this is the boundary

line where Muslim pilgrims perform the

they enter the state of which means

prohibition this is a Prohibition


Sanctuary this is relating to M

something hindered from us it's

protected consecrated sacred Sanctified

okay there are

five places stated place whereby

people enter Mecca this is basically

what it

means where do we see this word in the

Quran we see it with the story of

Musa he arrived at


Allah's okay this is what what Allah is

saying not

me okay this is for Hajj all right

Allah's the set term look Moses


okay again what is M doing in this place

that is the entrance to Mecca today this

is what the word means

today they tell us that M went to the


we don't know where the sin is it's in

dispute but in the story he goes to this

T this Mount the T we called him from

the side of the T the

mount this is a blessed

Place Allah says that this is

a this is a blessed ground a Hallowed

Ground we don't see this there's also a

tree issuing from here as well we don't

see this today in Saudi Arabia mus

completed the term he the direction of

the T of fire it's always this Mount

associated with it and there's probably

more than


okay so if you go to this


okay right there's more than

one this is why when you go

here we have the

word Mountain

Mount okay in Aramaic they use this word

for Hills

okay high mountains under the whole

Heaven were covered by what the waters

prevailed so mightily on the earth

okay now what do we have here if we have

these cities claimed to be built on

Seven Hills

claimed okay they're not actually built

on Seven Hills because I would suggest

all of these cities are replicating a

real city that is mentioned in the Quran


name and I'm going to give you an

example the kinds of cities they have


to perpetuate this

lie here's the first one Jerusalem 7

Hills okay here's the second one Mecca


Arabia okay you want another

one istan buul turkey some

people I mean I used to be of the

opinion stul could have been a Jerusalem

its time but this is not what the Quran

is saying there's no word for Jerusalem

in the Quran at

all let's look at this one

Moscow why does Moscow have Seven Hills

just like

Istanbul Rome Seven Hills of Rome these

are legendary Hills okay these Hills


now and Jerusalem has it Madrid

Moscow you can go all over the world and

they all claim to have these Seven Hills

it's a very

important ? it's like a badge of honor

for your City to have this because the

original one with the


okay the

mountains th that's the important one

it's in the story of Moses and theik

surrounding Mecca entering

Mecca the last point I want to bring up

is this idea of garlands okay you know

what a Garland is it's something that

you decorate whether it's a tree or

whether it's a person sometimes it's

animals or cattle let's look at these

verses oh you who have believed do not

violate the rights of Allah or the

sacred month or the sacrificial animals


garlanding them or those coming to the

sacred house again M Haram it's also

mentioned in this verse Allah has made

the sacred house standing for the people

and the sacred months and the

sacrificial animals and the garlands by

which they are

identified if you can show me where this

happens in Mecca today I'd be very

curious to see

that but this word you can just find

this word this is basically something

that goes around the neck a necklace a

pendant a


okay we have the same idea here one

necklace more than one necklace

okay relates to twisting winding winding


something okay to put something on

oneself and a

necklace so clearly we don't see this

today at all but strangely enough

strangely enough if we search the word

garlands what do we

see we see

this this is around a holiday that's


today with a


okay a

tree a very special tree so special that

the whole world has heard of this tree

or at least symbolically what it is

okay so basically we'll get into this

idea another time but I just wanted to

show you this ?

some evidence to show that Mecca is not

what we've been

told and

? until next time peace