A text here": A text here":A text here": 1 AR-RAHMAN: The Beneficent, 2 AR-RAHEEM: The Merciful



Alhamdullilah our neighbour ulama brothers have done quite intensive study and im good with their position



Very interesting knowledge thanks for sparking curiousity. I believe its not that important for entering Jannah but still good to ponder on Allah's Magnificent . Allah knows best.


May Allah always give us (Muslims) and them (kafir) guidance. Allah has made Jannah spacious for everybody.

Today science can be wrong but tomorrow will be right. As long doesnt contradict Al Quran and authethic Sunnah then we follow. Allah is the absolute Truth

Being Muslim is not bout whether Quran is aligning with science rather

1) tawhid. Beliving in Oneness of Allah, and that He has sent Messengers, angel, kitabs, ~~qadr~~, day of judgement (pillars of faith)
2) establishing the 5 daily solat
3) paying zakat
4) fast in month of ramadhan
5) perform hajj (once if able to)

Everything else is secondary. To increase us further in Iman once we firmly believe and hold firm the above..

I recently watched a video of an IDF soldier shared his guilt and accepted Islam. Alhamdullilah. Allah guides whoever He wills. And May He keep always guide us reply


Ameen yaa rabb